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Water Restoration Fort Worth

At Premier Restoration USA we realize that water, fire and flood emergencies aren’t restricted to a 9-5 schedule and neither are we.  Our certified technicians are here to respond to your emergency restoration needs around the clock and holidays are no exception.

Time Is Not Your Friend When Dealing With Water Damage

Speed is king to reduce the damage and costs of water restoration services.  Excess water will inevitably seep throughout your Fort Worth home or business as an uninvited guest into your floors and subfloors and will literally climb up into your drywall and furniture. 

When you call Premier Restoration USA our certified emergency response technicians will arrive within the hour at your home or business equipped with anything they need to assess then mitigate the damages and immediately begin our water extraction services. Premier Restoration USA will contain the water to the already affected areas and stop the spread of damage so it can’t get any worse. This is crucial with water damage, as water damage will increase over time and if left long enough it can result in additional difficulties like structural damage, peeling paint, swollen drywall and the accumulation of mold.

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Premier Restoration USA Emergency Team

For Water Damage Restoration Services in Fort Worth, TX Please Call – (817) 210-4411


Fire Damage

Fire Damage

A pipe leaking with freeze damage

Frozen Pipes Leaking

Damaged Furniture from flood

Water/Flood Damage

Water Damage in the bathroom

Flood Damage In The Bathroom

Attic Mold due to Water Damage

Attic Mold

Corner molds in the house

Black Mold Issues

Damage wall and Ceiling due to water

Water Damage Wall & Ceiling

Basement Damage due to Water

Water Damage From Basement Leaking

With any emergency restoration you need to act quickly! Call the Premier Restoration USA Fort Worth, TX as soon as possible! (817) 210-4411

Chronology of Water Damage

Water damage sticks to a very predictable schedule and the longer the period of time that goes by before you call in certified professionals with the right equipment to handle it, it’s likely the damages will become much worse. Plus the fact that water can often carry biohazards like bacteria and even pathogens.

One of the most dangerous concealed hazards is electricity. One the first thing you should always do is completely turn off the electricity to any affected areas to prevent electrocution.

By mitigating the damages quickly we can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars in water damage restoration costs and also give us the chance to save valuable items in your home or business.

Day 1

Water is incredibly invasive and will immediately start to absorb into carpets, hardwood floors, drywall, furniture, clothing, basically any porous material it can find.

Within an hour of contact drywall and furniture can begin to swell and crack; ink on important documents* and any paper products start to bleed; pictures and books begin to warp and you will begin to notice a musty odor in the air.

Damaged Furniture from flood

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Premier Restoration USA Damage Ceiling

Day 2-7

More extensive and expensive damages will set in.  Any effected drywall will expand to a point that it’s practically liquid to the touch; the studs in the walls and floors start to warp and doors and windows swell up to a point they won’t open or close properly.

Contamination from biohazards (mold) becomes a health concern.

Day 8+

If water has been present beyond a week then extensive water damage has already taken place and the cost and time to restore your home has significantly increased.

The core support structure of your home may have been compromised and safety is now an issue.  Health risks from mold and other biohazards are also a prime concern.  Anyone with any known allergies to mold are not advised to enter the structure until a thorough inspection has been completed.

24/7 Emergency Services for Fire and Water Damage Restoration, Mold Removal and Remediation near you.

For Fire Damage Restoration Services in Fort Worth, TX Please Call – (817) 210-4411

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A Quick Response Saves Time And Money

As you can see time is of the essence when dealing with water, fire and storm damage.  Our certified and bonded technicians are ready to help you around the clock in your time of need.

Our team is trained for emergency water removal and restoration procedures and use state of the art equipment and technics.

Premier Restoration USA is proud to be an industry leader in the water damage restoration and cleanup field in Fort Worth, TX.  Call us now at (817) 210-4411.

For Mold Removal and Remediation Services. Please Call our Premier Restoration USA Fort Worth, TX Hotline – (817) 210-4411

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