Water Damage Restoration Costs in Allen, TX

One of the most common but destructive form of damage that most homeowner in Allen experience is water damage. It can happen fast that you have to act right away in order to prevent a more serious threat not just to the structure and foundation of homes but as well as the health and safety of everyone. Restoring water damage can be very expensive. This expensive damages can happen when there’s destruction due to heavy snow and flood, undetected water pools, cracks of wall, plumbing failures and malfunctioned appliances.

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Costs In Allen, TX

The cost to restore water damage in Allen vary. Based on the average homeowners cost on Texas the typical water damage restoration cost ranges $1050-$3750. Some homeowner spend $750 while others spends as much as $8500.

However the price given depends on the following considerations: type and height of water affecting the area, property size, quantity of the damages, repair cost, replacement cost, labor rate and material cost. These considerations will affect the whole cost in restoring water damage.

  • Degree of damage– Restoring bigger area is more expensive than smaller area however the cost also depends on the extent of damage. There can be water hidden behind walls and crawlspace that is difficult to remove. Contractors will have to use specialized equipment to get the job done and they usually charge their price in term of square foot.
  • Type of water– Water damage Restoration Company occasionally based their cost on the type of water.

 Category 1 Clean Water (Kitchen and rain water): $3.75 per square foot. This is the least expensive type of water to deal.

Category 2 Gray Water (Water from malfunction appliances, laundry equipment and commercial kitchens): $4.50 per square/ft. This type of water is a bit difficult to handle.

Category 3 Black Water (Flood Water and sewage): $7.00 per square foot. The most expensive and worst type of water to deal with. It contains sewage that is highly toxic.

  • Labor Cost– Removing water in areas that is difficult to be remove like at the back of walls and crawlspace can add up to the labor cost.
  • Moisture content– Excess moisture can promote mold growth and if left unnoticed the spores can spread causing serious threat to one’s health and safety. Excess moisture can completely be eliminated by a certified water restoration contractor using dehumidifiers.
  • Time– The price will definitely soar high if the water damage problem is not addressed right away.

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Author: Ramsay Danny

Danny Ramsay is a licensed professional premier restoration technician for fire and water damage, mold remediation services.