Water Damage Restoration Costs in Lewisville, TX

Water damage restoration service in Lewisville is expensive. It may involve restoring water damage commercial buildings or residential houses.  The damage can result from damage water pipes, indoor plumbing failure, faulty appliances, flood and destruction caused by heavy snow. Restoration does not only include cleaning the mess due to water. But it includes removal of water, drying, disinfecting and sanitizing the whole area and repairing the structures that has been damaged by water like the walls, floors plaster and roofs. Keep in mind that water can cause substantial damage not only to the furniture but as well as to the whole structure and foundation of the building.

All these needs to be done as soon as possible by a certified and trusted water damage Restoration Company.  Though it may sound expensive but it is recommended to hire one to deal with the water damage problem because water damage service provider are trained professionals. They have the right-know-how and the right equipment to mitigate the effects of water damage.

How much does a Water Damage Restoration Costs in Lewisville, TX?

The cost to restore water damage in Lewisville varies greatly. Based on Texas Averages Homeowners cost the typical water damage restoration cost that most homeowners pay is $1050-$3750. Some homeowner pays $750 while other others spends as much as $8500. However the cost listed depends on the following specifics: Size of the property, quantity of the damages, height and types of water that has affected the area, cost of repairs or replacement, material cost and labor rate. These considerations will greatly impact the whole restoration cost.

  • Water Damage Roofs

          $30-$50- for materials with DYI – but the cost for repainting is not yet included

             $100-$300- patching up a sheet rock

  • Damage pipes

             $5,000-$70,000- average cost in restoring damage pipes with an average insurance claims of $15,000.

  • Drying and Disinfecting a flooded basement

             $500-$10,000– It depends upon the depth of the flood, basement size and type of water contaminating the area.

  • Water damage restoration cost depends on the type of water affecting the area.

      Category 1 (Clean Water) – Water damage restoration cost due to leaking           pipes and indoor plumbing failures is $3.75 per sq. ft.

      Category 2 (Gray Water) – Water damage restoration cost due to gray water      coming from faulty appliances, commercial kitchen and laundry equipment is       $4.50 per sq. ft.

      Category 3 (Black Water) – Water damage restoration cost due to sewage and   flood that is highly toxic is $7.00 per sq. ft.

  • Flooded House

            Water damage restoration cost for flooded house cost $7,800.00 when the height of water is 1-4 inches. $18,930.00 when the height of water is 9-12 inches while $26,285.00 when the height of water is 18 inches.

  • Faulty Appliances

Restoring water damage appliances such as dishwasher, heater, washing machine and air conditioning unit cost $5,000 per sq. ft.

The price listed is not fixed yet because other factors such as the material cost, taxes, hourly labor rates and permits needed to begin the project in water damage restoration is not yet included.

If there is any ongoing water damage issue call Premier Restoration USA. Our team will work fast to get business and lifestyle back to normal. Let our certified professionals deal with the stressful water damage problem with speed and accuracy.

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Author: Ramsay Danny

Danny Ramsay is a licensed professional premier restoration technician for fire and water damage, mold remediation services.