Water Removal Costs in Arlington, TX

Water Damage

Extreme weather like hurricane can result to water intrusion in most part in Arlington inflicting water damage to their properties. Sewer lines may break, appliances can malfunction and water pipe may rupture requiring immediate attention and removal of water by an expert to prevent permanent structural damage.

Water removal within 48 hours is the key to restoring the value of your damage properties. It sounds easy to do but in reality it is a complex process performed only by an expert. Standing water on walls, floors and porous materials like carpets and fabric can be an ideal place where molds and mildew can thrive. Wooden floors, cabinetry and walls will warp and rot then slowly degenerate.

There isn’t really a standard costs of water removal in Arlington but the average expenses that homeowners spent when dealing with flood water is $13,652. The lowest cost spend is $13,278 while other pay as much as $14,026. The total removal cost is affected by:

  • Materials- Water Removal Company uses equipment like dehumidifiers, moisture detectors and infrared to completely eliminate water and moisture in the area. These materials can add up to the total water removal cost.
  • Kind of water – Water removal cost depends on the kind of water to be remove in the affected area.

Clean Water: This is the least expensive type of water to deal. It comes from indoor plumbing failures, broken or leaking pipes, and kitchen faucet and rain water.

Grey Water: This kind of water is difficult to handle. It comes from malfunctioned appliances, commercial kitchen and laundry equipment. Its grayish color indicates the presence of chemical and other cleaning agent making it unsafe.

Black Water: This is the most expensive kind of water to deal with because it often contains bacteria and toxins from sewage and flood. The protocol in removing this kind of water is more complex and must be performed by an expert using special safety equipment. The extra step and precautions will add to the total water removal cost.

  • Height of Water

            $7,800.00– 1-4 inches

            $18,930.00– 9-12 inches

            $26,285.00 – 18 inches

  • Amount of labor – The type of labor needed before removing the water like moving some furniture and appliances, removing carpets can affect the total water removal cost.

Contact your trusted Water Removal Company if there is a water issue. Premier Restoration USA crew can implement the water extraction properly using the state-of-the-art equipment in order to prevent you from losing your properties.

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Author: Ramsay Danny

Danny Ramsay is a licensed professional premier restoration technician for fire and water damage, mold remediation services.