Water Removal Costs in Austin, TX

Homeowners at Austin, TX frequently suffers from the disastrous effect of water damage to their homes and businesses. The disastrous water damage can occur in a number of ways:

  • Natural disaster like heavy storm
  • Flood
  • Indoor plumbing failures
  • Malfunctioned appliances
  • Leaky roof

The detrimental effects of water can be avoided by extracting the water completely before it will seep through the walls and floors. This complicated water extraction process should be performed only by a certified professional from trusted water Restoration Company.

The DIY Danger in Water Extraction

You can choose to do the DIY in extracting the water through mopping up all the remaining water or by renting a wet vacuum and leaving all the doors and window open to ventilate the area. However, though it sounds easy, there can be water behind walls or on floorboards or the walls are totally soaked with water after all the cleaning and drying. There can be moisture in the air which can only be detected using special equipment.

Water Removal Costs in Austin, TX

Base on cost profile the average water removal costs in Austin, TX is $2125. The lowest amount they spend in water removal is $2067 while the maximum amount that some pays is $2183. But the actual cost depends on the following:

  • Preferred company
  • Type of water to be remove

Clean Water: (clean water source like kitchen faucet, overflowing tub and broken pipes) Water removal cost is $3.75 per square foot.

Gray Water: (malfunctioned appliances, commercial kitchen and laundry equipment) Water removal cost is $4.50 per square foot

Black Water: (flood and sewage) Water removal cost is $7.00 per square foot

  • Height of Water

          $7,800.00– 1-4 inches

            $18,930.00– 9-12 inches

            $26,285.00 – 18 inches

  • Equipment use for the extraction

Extraction Company might need drying equipment to completely extract the water, moisture detectors and dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture in the air that can promote mold growth when they linger. These materials will greatly affect the cost of the procedure.

  • Time spend by the contractor to do the extraction

Before the water extraction process will begin the company will provide an estimate so homeowner will have the idea as to how much the total water removal cost.

Water damage can substantially increase if not mitigated right away. Call Premier Restoration USA now! We can help you from sustaining expensive restoration cost by completely extracting the water that invades your homes and businesses.

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Author: Ramsay Danny

Danny Ramsay is a licensed professional premier restoration technician for fire and water damage, mold remediation services.