Black Mold Growth due to Water Damage Problems

black molds

Black Molds and mildew are among the worst and the biggest water damage. Molds grow in places where it can’t be seen. It grows under the carpet and rugs, between baseboards and walls and baseboard corners. By the time you find it, the damage is extensive enough to repair. But why do molds grow?

The key to black mold growth is moisture. Mold will thrive as long as there is enough moisture in the air, the rest will follow. Mold will feed on porous materials like wood, fabric, paper and drywall then spread and releases toxic substances that is harmful to our health. It is important to know the source of water damage before mold starts to grow. Mold removal is a lot more costly than just removing the water and drying up the whole area.

Black Mold Growth due to Water Damage Problems

Leaks under kitchen and toilet sink

Loose pipe connection and drain pipes with small hole under the kitchen and toilet sink can cause water to leak. This can go on undetected for some times especially the kitchen sink allowing mold to grow and spread. Check under the sink regularly for any leaks. If there are problems detected, call for a professional to further assess the damage because there are times when the visible signs are just the tip of the iceberg.

Leaking Roofs

Signs of water damage roof are visible such as discoloration. Worst, when the roof is totally damage it can collapse. However, small leaks are not visible enough to be noticed which can go undetected for quite some time. Undetected leaks can promote mold growth causing homeowners to spend thousands of dollar in restoration. The best way is to conduct a thorough inspection both on the interior and exterior part of the roof.

Pipe leaks inside walls

There are times when small patch of mold grows on the floor near wall. What can possibly be the cause? When pipes housed in the cavity wall leaks it can deposit water on the wall. The problem may looks small but once the drywall is removed, the problem is much greater than just the visible spot on the floor. Mold has travelled below the subfloor and throughout the entire cavity wall. The damage is too costly to repair.

Watching the water bill for unusual uptick is one way to figure out that somewhere in the house there is water leak which in the long run if it goes undetected can lead to mold growth. If you notice the spike call Premier Restoration USA now. We can determine the cause of the leaks, remove excess moisture and mold using our state-of-the-art equipment.

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