Molds and Their Cause

black molds

Molds as a naturally occurring element found usually in the outdoor environment is totally safe in low level. In fact, mold plays an important role in decomposition.  When does mold become a problem? Molds releases toxic substance that aids decomposition which can be harmful to both human and animals in return.  When molds starts to thrive in the indoor environment that’s when the real disaster comes in.

What do mold needs in order to grow?

Mold needs the following to thrive:

  • Moisture- This is the key to mod growth. Too much moisture in the surface where mold feeds on will provide food for them to grow and reproduce.
  • Right temperature- Mold cannot grow in freezing temperature. Mold can thrive in temperatures from 60-80°F.
  • Food source- Drywalls, wood, insulation, cotton and cabinetry are their source of food. When these things absorb enough moisture in the air it will become a good source of food for mold.
  • Time- In as little as 48 hours mold will begin to spread with the right condition.
  • Water- Moisture in the indoor environment is present due to the presence of water. Water that is left unattended like dripping faucet and leaking pipe lines can cause enough moisture to accumulate in the area providing the right condition for mold to thrive.

Common causes of mold


  • Mold grows when the weather is humid and when it has been raining for several days. Recurring problem of mold growth happens when you happen to live in places where humidity is naturally high like in coastal areas.
  • Humidity indoor also increases when moisture inside the house evaporates. Much more if the house is not well ventilated. Humidity can be very high.
  • Indoor humidity problem happens when homeowners dry their clothes indoor.
  • HVAC system can cause humidity while is heats and cool the indoor air.


Condensation can also promote mold growth. Cold surfaces at home like concrete flood enables condensation thus promoting mold growth.

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation can create pockets of stagnant moist air where molds can grow. When a room is not well ventilate especially kitchen, bathroom and laundry area, wet surfaces will not dry out faster.           

Wet Clothes

Drying clothes in a not well ventilated room can create a buildup of moisture causing mold growth. Wet as well as damp clothes provides a perfect spot for mold to thrive. If you are using a dryer to dry clothes indoor, a large amount of moisture is being released if the dryer is not vented outside.

Flood water

Having mold growth after a flood is inevitable. Flood water removal can only start if the water starts to recede, however, if the water recedes after 2 days, mold may begin to thrive on wet surfaces.

Having molds indoor will lead to a plethora of unexpected and expensive damages. Don’t wait for mold to grow and spread. Though it may sound expensive but hiring a competent water damage restoration company to restore your place will sustain you from spending much in replacement. If your home is suffering from any water damage issue, call Premier Restoration USA now.

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