Restoring Water Damage Kitchen in Dallas, TX

Water damage kitchen restorations in  Dallas, TX are not cheap. Yet compared with replacement cost, kitchen restoration costs are considerably less expensive. Having a concrete understanding about water damage kitchen restoration process before choosing a kitchen restoration specialist in Dallas, Texas will help you determine what to do.

Why is water damaging?

People may think that water is harmless when it get spilled and settles on kitchen floors and cabinetry. However, if the materials are made from wood and get spilled with water over and over again, the wooden surface will stain, warp and eventually rot over a period of time compromising the whole usefulness of the affected area and making restoration impossible.

Water Damage Kitchen

The risk of water damage in kitchen is high compared with other parts of the house because this is where cooking is done. Water damage in the kitchen happens when:

  • Appliances like dishwasher malfunctioned
  • Ice maker in the refrigerator leaks
  • Spilled water and other forms of beverages
  • Pipes under the kitchen sink leaks
  • Overflowing kitchen sink
  • Dripping water coming from wet dishes in the cupboards.
  • Leaking kitchen faucet

Keeping the Kitchen Free from Water Damage

In order to reduce the risk of having water damage in your kitchen, there are few things that you can do.

  • If you notice that water has been spilled in the kitchen, wipe it right away. Most of the time, wooden surface can hold water up for a while but after some time the water will start to penetrate the finish to damage the wood. It is important to use a dry rag to wipe the water immediately.
  • If appliances malfunctioned, fix it as soon as possible.
  • Checking the source of water in the kitchen every 6 months can be beneficial.
  • Make sure that the pipes under the sink aren’t leaking.
  • Check also the connections of the appliances for any leakage and sitting water.
  • Check the seals of window and doors in the kitchen. Weaken seals allows moisture to get in causing potential damage to wood.

The best way to prevent water damage in the kitchen is proactive care. But if things get worst let our team from Premier Restoration USA deal with your water damage kitchen restoration. The long years of experience of our professionals plus the state-of-the-art equipment we use can restore your water damage kitchen back to normal. Just give us a call and we’ll be on site as soon as possible.

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