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Galveston Fire Damage

If your home or business is affected by fire or smoke damage, then it is vital that you act quickly and call in the professionals as soon as possible. By acting quickly, you can limit the fire damage to your building or home, and prevent the smoke and fire damage from getting any worse. Don’t trust the health and safety of your family or employees to anyone; call the professionals at Premier Restoration USA as soon as possible!

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When you think of fire damage, you often only think of the damage to property caused by the heat of the flames, but what you don’t think of is the damage caused by fire, flames, smoke and the water used to fight the fire. Fire Damage Restoration covers every aspect of fire and smoke damage, the professional technicians at Premier Restoration USA have the specialized fire restoration training needed to restore your home in Galveston to pre-fire condition and to ensure your home or business is safe and cleaned up as soon as possible.

Burning House Roof


Fire Damage

Fire Damage

A pipe leaking with freeze damage

Frozen Pipes Leaking

Damaged Furniture from flood

Water/Flood Damage

Water Damage in the bathroom

Flood Damage In The Bathroom

Attic Mold due to Water Damage

Attic Mold

Corner molds in the house

Black Mold Issues

Damage wall and Ceiling due to water

Water Damage Wall & Ceiling

Basement Damage due to Water

Water Damage From Basement Leaking

With any fire damage you need to act quickly! Call the Premier Restoration USA Galveston, TX as soon as possible! Toll Free: +1(844) 505-2900

Premier Restoration USA Fire Damage

The team at Premier Restoration USA Galveston will come into your home, ensure everything is safe and begin the Fire Damage Restoration process. The sooner you act; the better off you will be, with less damage to your structure and personal items. Our fire & smoke restoration technicians have the training and knowledge to ensure that you will receive the absolute best in service. Available 24/7, the professional team at Premier Restoration USA are only a phone call away.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Even though each fire damage event varies slightly, the overall process is normally the same.

  • First will do a thorough inspection of the property and complete a thorough assessment of your fire damage.
  • If the fire has damaged your windows or roof to a state they may cause a security risk or lead to further damages we will board up in tarp the affected areas immediately.
  • If water is present we will immediately begin the water removal process and thoroughly dry and dehumidifier your home.
  • Next we will use specialized procedures and equipment to remove the soot from all surfaces.
  • We will then thoroughly clean, sanitize, disinfect and deodorize any property that was damaged in the fire.
  • In our final step will be restoring your home or business back to the way it was before. This may include repainting, replacing drywall and carpet, and even reconstruction of parts to your property if needed.

Totally Damage Interior

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The friendly and professional team at Premier Restoration USA in Galveston, TX are the number one business to call if you need fire damage repairs. If you want your home or business restored fast and efficiently, you know who to call! Our professional team can work with you and your insurance company to ensure that your home or business is repaired as soon as possible, with as little interruption to you as possible.

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