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What is the number one cause of damage and biggest issues behind insurance claims in the country? If you thought water damage, then you ‘d be right. Floods, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, are all quick to cause damage to homes and structures, which then allows water damage to occur. Whether you have endured water damage caused by storm damage, fires, or burst pipes and stopped up drains, the certified, bonded emergency water damage restoration technicians Premier Restoration USA in Corpus Christi, TX, will be there when you need them AROUND-THE-CLOCK, just a phone call away!

They will have your home or business cleaned up and back to normal before you know it! It doesn’t matter if it is a small amount of water or a large amount of water, water damage can be among most destructive elements facing business owners and home owners in Corpus Christi, TX Don’t leave water damage a minute longer than you must, the quicker you initiate the cleanup process, the cheaper and safer it will be for you, your family and your employees. Don’t let water damage or mold affect the health of your loved ones and employees, call Premier Restoration USA Corpus Christi, TX as soon as possible! You can rest assured that when you need help, the specialists at Premier Restoration USA Corpus Christi, TX will be there for you!

Water Damage


Fire Damage

Fire Damage

A pipe leaking with freeze damage

Frozen Pipes Leaking

Damaged Furniture from flood

Water/Flood Damage

Water Damage in the bathroom

Flood Damage In The Bathroom

Attic Mold due to Water Damage

Attic Mold

Corner molds in the house

Black Mold Issues

Damage wall and Ceiling due to water

Water Damage Wall & Ceiling

Basement Damage due to Water

Water Damage From Basement Leaking

flooded kitchen

Water Damage Premier Restoration Corpus Christi, TX

Water damage can quickly spiral out of hand. A burst pipe or blocked drain can lead to ruined furniture and fixtures, damaged foundations and structure and worst of all mold. Mold can be deadly and should never be underestimated It is vital that once the water or fire damage occurs, you act right away to get the Premier Restoration USA crew in fast to begin the cleanup.

The experienced crews at Premier Restoration USA Corpus Christi, TX have decades of experience, no job is too big or too small for our highly-qualified team. They can consult with your insurance agency making sure that you are looked after right away, with little intrusion to your business or everyday life Here at Premier Restoration in USA in Corpus Christi, TX, we have a highly-qualified crew of IIRCR certified, bonded experts, with decades of expertise! You can feel confident that you are in great hands.

The professionals at Premier Restoration USA Corpus Christi, TX, have a systematic and step by step approach through which they come at any restoration and water damage assessment. Safeguarding that your home or business will be safe and clean as quickly as possible, with the very least damage and disturbance and ready for you to return to as early as possible.

Step One: Removal of Standing Water

Step One is the Removal of Standing Water Once our technicians enter your business or home, the primary thing that they will do is to see to it that any standing water is removed. It is their number one priority to make sure the standing water is gotten rid of to reduce any more damage to your property, saving you money and time later on.

Step Two: Drying Services

Now our experienced water restoration team has ensured that your local business or home is free of any standing water, their next step will be to begin minimizing any of your damages and losses and begin the drying process. The experienced service technicians at Premier Restoration USA Corpus Christi, TX will begin to get rid of any carpets and flooring to make certain that the water doesn’t ruin them much more than it already has. If water is permitted to concentrate under the carpet, flooring or tiles then dry rot, and mold can easily set in, triggering health problems and more damage eventually. This step is important, as it will ensure that any rot and mold won’t have the opportunity to develop hidden out of sight. Our skilled team is very good at this and will try to save as many of your flooring and furnishings as possible.

Water Damage Furniture

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drying Blowers Cleaning office
Step Three: Personal Property Restoration

Step Three is the Personal Property Restoration Process Our crew of experts understand that the possessions inside your residence or business are extremely valuable, both emotionally, personally and on a financial basis.

Step Four: Structure Restoration- Ensuring Your Home or Business is Safe and Clean

Our crew of highly-qualified water restoration technicians will attempt to recover as many of your documents and personal things as possible. Feel confident, our professional water and fire damage restoration team will do their absolute best to be as quick and thorough as possible. The crew at Premier Restoration USA in Corpus Christi, TX will see to it that your home is safe, clean and completely dry.

Premier Restoration USA has decades of combined experience when it comes to any water damage repairs and restoration operations. Premier Restoration USA maintains a highly-trained and veteran team of expert water restoration service technicians. We use a tried and true and advanced approach to each one of the water restoration and mold remediation tasks that we take on.

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Premier Restoration USA maintains a highly-trained and experienced crew of professional technicians. We utilize a state-of-the-art and systematic approach to all of the water restoration and mold removal jobs that we undertake.

That’s why the team at Premier Restoration USA, Corpus Christi, TX will make sure your home is safe, clean and dry. Flood waters especially can contain many harmful bacteria, ensure you don’t trust your families and loves one’s health to anyone but the professional team at Premier Restoration USA ! We have decades of combined experience when it comes to any water damage repairs and cleaning processes.

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