Water Removal Cost in Garland, Texas

water removal costs

Indoor water can be detrimental. It will not only cost damages to furniture and appliances but as well as to the whole structure and foundation of the house. Standing water that is left unattended for over a period of time will cause wooden surface that is expose to water to slowly degenerate. Standing water are often due to indoor plumbing failures, overflowing tubs and sink. But sometimes there can be water invasions due to floods and break in sewer line which is much difficult to deal with because of the danger that comes along with the kind of water.

Having these water removed, cleaned and sanitized right away by a certified water removal company is the best option for homeowners in Garland. It will not only help reduce the total loss of property but it will prevent long term expensive damage and protect the health and safety of everyone in the most efficient way.

The cost of water removal in Garland, TX for homes and businesses depends on the number of hours required to extract all the water, the company you will hire, the type of water that has flooded the indoor, labor fee and the kinds of equipment needed to perform the water removal. Most water removal company conduct a thorough assessment first of the affected area then make an estimate before starting any water removal work.

Water Removal Cost

  • Removal cost depends on the type of water

      Clean Water– The cost is $3.75 per sq. ft. The clean water source comes from  leaking pipes, rain water and indoor plumbing failure.

      Gray Water– The cost is $4.50 per sq. ft. Grey water comes from malfunction appliances, laundry equipment and commercial kitchen that can sometimes contain chemical substances making it difficult to remove and clean.

      Black Water- The cost is $7.00 per sq. ft. Black water is difficult to remove and clean because of the danger that comes along with it. It comes from contaminated flood and sewage water.

  • Removal cost from flooded house

            $7,800.00– 1-4 inches height of water

            $18,930.00– 9-12 inches height of water

            $26,285.00 – 18 inches height of water

  • Drying up a flooded basement

             $500-$10,000– It also depends on the type of water, size of the basement and the depth of the flood.

If there is standing water in your homes and businesses, don’t delay! The certified crew of Premier Restoration USA are on-call 24/7 a week. We have the right equipment and training to extract, dry-up and disinfect your water damage area.

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