Why You Need Mold Remediation Service (A Must Know!)

black molds

Mold remediation is one of the services one needs after they have experienced water damage in their home.

This is because damp surfaces form the perfect breeding ground for mold.

According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) and the EPA (The US Environmental Protection Agency).

There are almost 100 different types of frequently occurring indoor mold that affect households with the most common being:

  • Penicillium
  • Cladosporium
  • Alternaria
  • Aspergillus

Mold causes damage not only to property, including walls, flooring and furnishing, but also to the home occupants’ health.

“Health Risks Associated With Mold”

  • Headaches
  • Asthma attacks
  • Skin irritation
  • Opportunistic infections in individuals with compromised immune systems.
  • Persistent cough and cold symptoms.
  • Athlete’s foot.
  • Thrush.
  • Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis

Mold Remediation Process

For 24/7 mold remediation in Quincy

Mold remediation involves identifying the areas affected by mold followed by its removal and cleanup.

In the unfortunate case of water damage, after you have called the insurance company the next call should be to us for mold remediation after which our professionals will swing into action.

Our mold remediation team of professionals is licensed, insured and trained in mold removal.

Assessment – Our team of mold remediation experts will inspect your property to assess the damage and conduct tests to establish the level of mold present and the exact areas affected.

This will guide them in determining the most effective solution to get rid of the mold.   


Containment – The affected area is sealed off in order to prevent the mold spores from spreading to other unaffected areas of the property.


Filtration – Our team uses special filtration equipment to capture airborne mold spores.


Mold Removal – We recommend the removal of affected porous material to prevent the recurrence of mold. Porous material includes drywall and carpeting.

Non porous material will be treated antimicrobial and antifungal materials to get rid of mold and prevent it from returning. We also recommend having the air conditioning and heating systems cleaned.


Drying – As excessive moisture is the cause of mold, we make sure the affected area is properly dried after it has been cleaned, to prevent new mold colonies from developing.


Repair – Our goal is to leave your property in as good a condition as we found it, without the mold of course.

Therefore our team will carry out the necessary repairs such as replacing drywall and carpeting and generally replacing the contaminated materials with clean ones.


Post Remediation Testing – After carrying out the mold remediation we carry out mold testing to ensure that the exercise has been a success.

We also discuss moisture management to leave you with peace of mind knowing that the chances of mold recurring have been minimized.

Mold Removal and Cleanup Services You can Count On

When it comes to mold removal and cleanup it takes professional help and the latest tools in the industry to ensure the job gets done right the first time.

Our team understands the nature of the problem, and has the equipment and expertise to test even the deepest crevices of the home to make sure the problem is completely eradicated.